The perfect follow-up e-mail

Guys guys I am so excited! After years of research, I have finally found the best follow-up e-mail for prospects that are not replying to your messages.

The problem is – first, they don’t reply (duh). Second, you don’t know WHY.

Is it because you don’t have time?

Is it because you didn’t read my e-mail?

Is it because you hate me and burn every message with my name on it?

Now I CAN know. Let me give you my e-mail template, here:

The best follow-up email ever

Dear […],

I trust you are fine. When I see potential I immediately recognize it and go after it. That is what I saw when we met [insert place of meeting] for a potential cooperation. However, I have not been successful reconnecting with you in the last months. It might be that you don’t have any interest in talking to me, and that is ok. I just need your signal to know whether or not to keep trying.

To make it easier for you, you can reply just with a keystroke. Send me a reply with one letter and I will know what to do:

A – I would like to schedule a call in the next days and talk more, please propose a date and time

B – Very, very busy at the moment, let’s please be in touch to have a chat in the next months

C – I am not interested in how you can improve our [insert you product or service] strategy

D – Can you please explain again who you are and how you work with [insert your target audience]?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Best regards,

So you see, most of the times people are just too busy to bother answering. With this text, you help them give you a super quick feedback on their current situation.

I have incredible news: in my case, it has 100% response rate!

Some people have actually sent me a nicely built email, some others told me they didn’t have time with just one letter, like in this case:

reply followup

Did you read the subject line?

I just need a keystroke

Thank you so much Hubspot for the inspiration!

Go be champions with this tip 🙂


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