sTARTUp day: dare to be a Hero!

Some weeks ago I attended an event in Estonia for startuppers: entrepreneurs, employees, university researchers, speakers, enthusiasts, all gathered together to share ideas. I bet that not many people out there would think that Estonia is a place where to watch so many brilliant minds shine – I heard pitches of startups that have developed the widest range of solutions: from a cure for a specific cancer, to safe digital environments where to test infinite times your experiments and get more accurate results. However, the reason I am writing is to describe some of the amazing speakers I got to listen to. They told great stories about themselves, that can be inspirational for you as well.

Nanci Govinder

She is a South African Senior Executive, now living in Switzerland. You think that living in a society suffering heavily from Apartheid can prevent a scientist to excel? You are wrong. A strong-willed, young Nanci wrote a letter to the minister of education to be granted the right to study what she wanted, at the university she wanted, even in the worst conditions. In fact, her path was made harder by society just because of her Indian origins. She had to walk every day to the university “for whites”, through hills and challenging weather, and just watch buses passing by, not picking her up. What’s worse, she had to eventually hear from fellow students “Aren’t there universities for people like you? Why are you here? You think you are better than us?”. And hearing from her people “Why are you doing this? You think you are better than us?” It takes sacrifice, much more than you would like to accept, and unconsidered persistence to live your dream.

Peter Kentie

A genius, in my opinion. estonia estDutchman, he became an e-resident some years ago, and was so grateful of this opportunity that Estonia gave him, that he wanted to give something in return. That’s how he came up with the idea of “Est”, a national brand for Estonia that everybody can use, and is using, even the ministries. Please check out the details. He gave us some insights on what it takes to create a successful marketing campaign. I’ll say it in a way that he apparently likes, with a quote by David Ogilvy that he kept on repeating: If It Doesn’t Sell, It Isn’t Creative. I am going to buy soon one of these t-shirts, because the whole idea of “Est” is too cool not to be worn!

Dmitri Sarle

This guy has created this website. Please click on it, and send yourself an e-mail in some months. Sometimes we don’t realize we are part of the 1% of the world population that can actually afford to live in a cozy house, a nice city, with our loved ones, earning a respectable wage, achieving big or small things in life that make us successful. But if we focus on what’s not important, we will miss the precious “victories” that will show us in practice how much success we have. Now it’s time to draw some results for the end of 2017 and setting new goals for 2018, so I really suggest you to use that website. You’ll have the chance to check on your dreams in some time next year, and realize that you have all the reasons to be happy.

Overall, I realized that every great speaker had a troubled or extremely challenging life.

be extraordinary
Erin May Henry – Be extraordinary

That’s how you become great. If you plan to be the best, or at least a worthy person, embrace difficulties with the knowledge that they are necessary to upgrade to the next level(s). During my work, even in the middle of a business meeting, I sometimes feel my energy and commitment going down. The last time this happened, some days ago, I remembered one tattoo I saw on Facebook on Erin May Henry‘s arm: “Be extraordinary”. That’s when my energy kicked back. I don’t want to be a mediocre participant of the crowd, I am striving to be the best, and this life is the only chance I have to do it. It is normal to feel down, especially when you are caught up in routine. Just remind yourself that you are one of the luckiest human beings in the world, and it is your duty to use your talent at full.

Get inspired – read “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls”. I finished it in one day!

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