How to get help in the Turkish market, Feb. 2017

I know, I took a long break from the blog… But there’s a good reason for it. I’ve been busy with work and study. And last month has marked an important milestone: my graduation! I am happy to share my university experience on the blog, I will do it very soon. Meanwhile, now I’m in Estonia, enjoying some office life. Just back from a week in Istanbul…

You can find here the video of this trip.

The city and the people


This time, everything seemed more calm, everybody was more relaxed. I also talked about this with the locals and they agreed: apparently, things are back to the daily routine. file_000-15However, some claimed it’s just the calm before the storm… For my joy, now there’s a new beauty store chain, so I loaded up with Korean masks! This time, since I’ve stayed longer for the weekend, I allowed myself a quick exploration of the touristic part of the city: I’m talking about Fatih. On Saturday morning, I preferred to sleep a bit longer, so I just managed to visit the Süleymaniye Mosque, the bridges and a walk around the Galata Tower. Plus, the Dolmabahçe Palace was quite near my hotel in Taksim square, so I went there for a tour.


Now that’s life!

No words can describe the beauty of what I have seen, but maybe a precise moment will portray it very well. I was walking along the perimeter of the Şehzade Mosque, the minarets started calling the faithful to prayer. Without any thoughts, feeling surrounded by the singing, coming from each corner, far and near, of the city. Everything perfectly in order, yet an unknown order, from where a warm wind of millennial traditions arrives, blowing into souls working for the Good, in a different way.


I thought that, after my efforts in 2016, I deserved a break on the Galata bridge, with a Turkish tea and a cigar, jealously kept for months for a moment like this.

The business side

For some reason, this time universities were not very available to meet.

On the contrary, I found stimulating the meeting with DEiK.

An afternoon at the River Plaza with DEiK

Their mission is interesting: the research of everything that can improve the economy and the growth of their country. If they like the idea you propose, I can assure you that they will do all they can to put you in contact with your target and facilitate you with all their available means. They base their activity on a concept of fundamental importance: creating associations and groups that share the same goals won’t lead to a division of the clientele, but to a multiplication of it. For example, the restaurants in a street with many other restaurants will have way more clients than those in an isolated street. Think of yourselves when choosing a place where to hang out with friends: don’t you usually choose a street, an area, a neighbour “with many nice places where to eat”?



A different perspective…

As soon as I arrive at the hotel, the guy welcoming me makes some English language attempts… in vain. Then he finds out that I’m Italian so he immediately switches to Italian, he almost feels relieved! While he steps out of my room, he wishes me “Buonanotte!”

I have finally found my conversation topic with taxi drivers: Napoli – Beşiktaş matches! I had to learn to talk about football, even if it doesn’t fascinate me at all, but my interlocutors are usually male football fans. The things we do for a two-minute talk…


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